Meet the Scientific Committee of 6EMESconf

Meet the Scientific Committee of 6EMESconf

The EMES conferences are the best place to see new scholarship on social innovation and social enterprise. It is an honour to be on the Scientific Committee of such a leading conference.

Taco Brandsen, Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

The Scientific Committee
of the 6th EMES international research conference

The SciComm was established to serve as key guarantor of the scientific quality and integrity of the event. The Scientific Committee comprises senior academic experts in the area of social enterprises and related disciplines. Besides acting as a forum for sharing experience and knowledge among the experts, the Scientific Committee is in disseminating information to promote the conference among their colleagues, peers and other social enterprise stakeholders.

Marte Nyssens and Carlo Borzaga, co-chairs of the Scientific Committee Marte Nyssens and Carlo Borzaga, co-chairs of the Scientific Committee

The unique constitution of the 6EMESconf Scientific Committee

The SciComm was set up as a joint committee by the EMES Network research community and the conference co-organizer IAP-SOCENTa consortium of four Belgian research centres, gathered under the title “If Not for Profit, for What? And How?”, and supported by the Belgian Science Policy Office from 2012 to 2017.

This conference partnership marks the successful conclusion of the 4-year extensive collaboration between EMES and IAP-SOCENT on the research initiative called International Comparative Social Enterprise Models (ICSEM) Project. ICSEM is a major research project which compares social enterprise models and their respective institutionalisation processes across the world, now involving more than 200 researchers from some 50 countries.


We are delighted that 41 widely renowned experts from over 21 countries and five continents, with distinguished academic credentials have agreed to accept the honorable and voluntary role of the member in the Scientific Committee for the 6th EMES Conference.
As Nicole Göler von Ravensburg, professor from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) explains:

I have accepted to join the Scientific Committee because I learn a great deal about other disciplines’ approaches, perspectives, research methods and, of course, about results. I believe this conference is one of the best in regard to the mix of views. But above all, I enjoy the atmosphere—both, ambitious in thinking and modest in appearance, confident in academic achievement and sufficiently quizzical towards the topic.

The Scientific Committee’s composition allows for an encompassing diversity of approaches and existing models reflecting a complex interdisciplinary nature of the social enterprises. Another Committee member Janelle Kerlin, from Georgia State University (United States) clarifies what has motivated her to accept this role:

I accepted the invitation to join the EMES conference scientific committee because it gives me the opportunity to interact with researchers with similar interests as well as support the development of social enterprise research and the field.  The EMES conference is unique because it brings together the largest international group of social enterprise researchers of any other conference.  It therefore provides an exceptional opportunity to learn about new research in the field, receive feedback on your own research, and network with like-minded scholars.

The list of Scientific Committee members is available here, divided according to their main affiliation, EMES or IAP-SOCENT. Last November, we began a communication campaign named #6EMESmeetscicom in our periodic news alerts as a way to present them to you. They are supporting the mission of EMES with their active commitment and participation.

Annette Zimmer and Janelle Kerlin, members of the Scientific Committee of #6EMESconf Annette Zimmer and Janelle Kerlin

A special chance to interact with the scientific experts

Representing both EMES and/or IAP-SOCENT, scientific members will significantly contribute to the discussions. Many have submitted their own scientific papers and will present and discuss them at the conference. Some will be also leading the conference panels based on their thematic expertise. We are convinced that the EMES conference will provide all participants with ample opportunities to interact with the prominent scholars in the field of social enterprises, expand their academic and professional community networks and have fun.

Based on her experience, Annette Zimmer, a professor Münster University (Germany) and another  member of the Committee reveal:

The EMES conference offers a unique opportunity to come together with European colleagues who are sharing a common interest in civil society studies. It offers a very valuable forum for scholarly exchange specifically for Europeans but also for an increasingly international research community. Besides, EMES knows how to party and dance!

Important dates


  • June 5th, 2017             Deadline for full paper submission
  • June 15th, 2017          Deadline for conference registration (non-presenters)


The 6th EMES International Research Conference, entitled “Social Enterprise for Sustainable Societies”, will take place  03-06 July 2017 in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).

Read more about the conference here. Contact us. We are looking forward to meet you.

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