Interested in the Social Economy Action Plan? Join for the Webinar on 19 May

Interested in the Social Economy Action Plan? Join for the Webinar on 19 May

The Better Incubation project led by European Business Network (EBN) in collaboration with Impact Hub and European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) strives to kickstart an “eco-systemic” change by bringing mainstream business support organisations (BSOs) closer to the society while promoting social and inclusive entrepreneurship and self-employment as a means to create jobs and enable participation of vulnerable people in the economy.   

The project has been recently highlighted as a good practice in the Social Economy Action Plan (SEAP) launched by the European Commission last year.  The implementation phase of the SEAP thus offers new opportunities for the mainstream BSOs to become a catalyst of the enabling support ecosystem for the social economy organisations. To explore this potential, EBN organises the webinar “Social Economy Action Plan: Opportunities for BSOs”, which will be led by two speakers from the European Commission : 

  • Guy Lejeune, Senior Expert on Inclusive Entrepreneurship from DG Employment,
  • Karel Vanderpoorten, Policy officer – Proximity, Social Economy, Creative Industries from DG GROW 

Participation in the webinar is open to all key stakeholders who are interested in playing a more active part in the development of the inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The webinar will provide a platform for the EMES International Research Network community that wishes to delve deeper into how the mainstream BSOs, as the policy support measures, can be used to strengthen the social economy organisations and social enterprises. There is little academic research conducted about the policy ecosystem needed to be in place to strengthen and fully use the potential of the mainstream BSOs to provide development services for social enterprises.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join the Webinar on Thursday 19 May, 15:00 – 15:45 CET online. You could leave with an inspiring idea, new insight or scientific interest for your future or current research and study. 

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