ICSEM project | webpage and available material

ICSEM project | webpage and available material

During the last twenty years, EMES has benefited from the accumulated experience, expertise and reputation of all its members, who are among the leading research centres and individual researchers in the SE field. The network is committed to making its research projects’ information and material available; it is thus a real pleasure for us to announce that all information on the ICSEM Project and its outputs, which had temporarily become unavailable due to a website transfer, is now available again on this webpage.

Besides information about the research project and its various stages, this dedicated webpage contains inter alia a list of the research partners who took part in the project, the full collection of ICSEM Working Papers (all freely available for download), a list of all ICSEM meetings with photo albums of major ICSEM events and—last but not least!—direct links to the four ICSEM books, which have been made available in Open Access: The ICSEM webpage also puts together the collection of posts about the various chapters of these books that have been published on the EMES blog in the series titled “One Day, One Team, One Chapter…”

We would like to thank all the amazing researchers who took part in the ICSEM Project for their enthusiasm and commitment. In the next months, the EMES community will gather again (virtually) for the Book Series presentations, during which some of the ICSEM Project’s participants will present the four ICSEM books.

ICSEM is a unique worldwide research project which aimed to identify, analyse and compare social enterprise (SE) models across countries, regions and fields. It brought together, between 2013 and 2020, 230 researchers working together under the coordination of two long-standing EMES members and leading scholars in the field of social enterprise, Jacques Defourny and Marthe Nyssens. The project covered some 60 countries in all regions of the world and built up a database on some 720 social enterprises from over 40 countries.


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