First "Déclic Day"┃Collective efforts for bringing societal change

The first edition of “Déclic Day” aimed at discovering the social economy and social entrepreneurship while “doing things together” with the collective intelligence of young graduates from Brussels! This event brought together 19 people in Brussels aged between 18 and 28.

EMES contributed to the “Déclic Day” event, sharing the knowledge accumulated during the last 20 years regarding the social economy and social entrepreneurship and showing how to bring collective intelligence to solve societal issues. However, this couldn’t be done without the support of the Bernheim Foundation.

During one day, the event allowed young people from Brussels to dive into collective entrepreneurship within the social economy. This rich adventure was created to learn and discover the social economy, meet other young people who want to engage in collective entrepreneurship (or have already done so) and learn about shared governance to respond to societal challenges.

With the help of the facilitators, the young people came up with three projects: a citizen’s collective proposal for accessible housing in Brussels, a third-party urban agriculture site and a training centre for urban food production. The day ended with the pitching of these projects, the celebration of the new encounters and the possible new paths for young people that will lead into the social economy.

This was the first step that would allow young Brussels habitants to influence their professional endeavours towards sectors or jobs that work towards building a more just and inclusive society, creating a desirable future.

Now that the educational framework has been created, we hope to continue with initiatives like this and organize Déclic Days in 2023!

Visit the webpage dedicated to Déclic Day.

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