New Routledge Studies in Social Enterprise & Social Innovation series launches its first volume

Over the last decades, in parallel to major changes towards privatization in the welfare regimes of advanced industrialized countries, social innovation, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship have gradually become “à la mode”. They are interpreted in policy documents in market-economic terms, making social enterprises a valuable partner for policy makers looking for innovative ways of addressing social and societal problems, among which bringing the excluded back into society and increasing social cohesion. However, balancing active citizenship and empowerment, on the one hand, and market-based social service delivery and innovation in a sustainable manner, on the other, represents a daunting challenge.

In this context, social innovation is conceived as creative solutions to existing wicked social problems, at the level of both concrete outcome and process; and social enterprises are heralded as vehicles for such societal improvement. However, beyond the superficial approaches to social innovation, its relationship with social enterprises and social entrepreneurship remains to be better understood and systematized.

Therefore, the Routledge Studies in Social Enterprise & Social Innovation invites contributions that are committed to understanding the complexity of these transformations by engaging in new dialogues within and among all regions of the world, each with its specific historical, cultural, social and political contexts, as well as among disciplines, as these evolutions must be tackled in their multi-dimensional nature.

The first book of this Series, “Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises. Nordic Perspectives” was published in August 2016 under the supervision of EMES members, Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Malin Gawell, and Roger Spear.

The Routledge Studies in Social Enterprise & Social Innovation is coordinated by Jacques Defourny, Lars Hulgård and Rocío Nogales.

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