Euricse and Iris Network promote the launch of an Action Plan for SE in Italy

Euricse and Iris Network promote the launch of an Action Plan for SE in Italy

The pandemic that has affected us all in recent months will bring with it new awareness: the need to have a shared vision of the social and economic resources that will be invested to overcome this difficult moment. In this context, EMES’ Italian institutional member, Euricse, and sister organization, Iris Network, have spearheaded the effort to draw the lines of recovery of our economic and social system, supporting our countries in the coming years, to decide on which sectors to focus on first, with which role for the state, with which supports for the private, with what guarantees for the new generations.

In this post-Covid-19 relaunch phase, the third sector and the social economy must play a fundamental role and in a long-term perspective: this is what has been considered for the coming months and, after extensive consultation, the European Commission will shed light on an Action Plan for Social Economy, crucial for the 2021-2027 community program.

In this context, objectives, tools and resources will be defined to strengthen the contribution to the European economic and social development of non-profit organizations, social enterprises, associations, philanthropy and all organizations that have their roots in collective experience. In response to the European initiatives, more than two hundred Italian experts, representatives of civil society, operators, researchers and active citizens made a proposal to Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Italy must equip itself with a national Action Plan to trace the strategy with which to make the third sector and the social economy an integral part of the country’s recovery path. The Plan defines the lines to direct resources and energies to exploit all the potential that non-profit organizations and social economy can make available to the general interest. It has been built with a broad consultation among all those who can make a contribution.

The hope is that also other countries will support initiatives like this. The collective movement is in fact necessary for the reconstruction of our social and economic environment when the crisis will be over.

You can read about this initiative here (text by Carlo Borzaga) and here (text by

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