EMPOWER-SE Calls for papers: ICSEM and WG 1 Calls

EMPOWER-SE Calls for papers: ICSEM and WG 1 Calls

We are thrilled to open two calls for papers. Such opportunities do indeed bring us much enthusiasm as they directly support the mission of our EMPOWER-SE COST ACTION. Not only do they promote the development of original knowledge on SE models but they also intensify your participation in the SE research community dialogue!


  • The EMPOWER-SE WG1 call for paper invites researchers to submit transversal chapters focusing on “Wave 2” ICSEM countries. Proposed papers may compare two or more countries based on transversal issues, such as historical legacy, drivers of the emergence of social enterprises, availability of financial and non-financial resources, relations between the latter and the social mission or social aims, governance of social enterprises and so on. Proposals focusing on other topics or dimensions are also welcome.
  • The ICSEM call for proposals invites contributions that would feed publication projects of both the ICSEM Project and the EMPOWER-SE COST ACTION. As you will see in the call itself, such proposals should indeed aim to build knowledge about emerging or already well-established social enterprise models across the world, following common guidelines so as to foster international comparative analysis.

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