EMES PhD Meet and Greet – 26 May 2022

EMES PhD Meet and Greet – 26 May 2022

A second meet and greet session with EMES PhD and early career researchers brought together 15 colleagues from across the world, from country’s as diverse as India and South Africa, to Belgium, Iceland, Spain, Brazil and the UK. Students are often studying far from home, exploring topics from crowdfunding and financing for social enterprises, to our cultural interpretations of well-being, to establishing the institutional mechanisms needed for a successful enabling environment.

Students shared their topics, their motivations for studying for their doctorate in “SE field”, and their highs and lows. We committed to meeting again after the 8th EMES International Training School, recognizing the value of this thriving, vibrant community.

This was the second webinar in a summer series, especially interesting for scholars attending the upcoming Training school in Seville and is also part of the celebration of the EMES 20th anniversary.


Enormous thanks to the PhD Committee, especially Kerryn, Kai, Marina, Sergio and Tamara and Rocío. It is always a team effort, and this is a great team! 😊

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