EMES will be one of the hosts of the next ISIRC 2017 in Melbourne (Australia)

EMES will be one of the hosts of the next ISIRC 2017 in Melbourne (Australia)

EMES is one of the partners of the 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC 2017), entitled “Beyond Boundaries? Organisations, Systems and Social Innovation”.

The 9th annual International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC 2017), hosted by the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne led by EMES member Professor Jo Barraket, will take place from12 – 14 December 2017 at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia).

Social innovations are often presented as solutions to wicked social problems, operating across sectors, and disrupting traditions of policy and practice. Social innovations – including social enterprise, design-led service creation and citizen co-production – are initiated within, between and beyond the bounds of established organisational forms. Redefining boundaries creates new opportunities for combining wisdom and resources for progressive social change. Yet, critical scholars have observed that many popularised social innovations are limited in their focus on systemic change, and subject to isomorphic pressures from government and commercial interests. Others have argued that individual innovation initiatives are limited in their effectiveness without wider systems-thinking in the design of social innovation policy and practice.

The Conference will explore social innovation within and beyond the organisation. It invites research-led reflection on the recasted organisational boundaries, the systemic imperatives of a growing focus on social innovation, and the cross-cutting implications of these for theory and practice. Empirical, conceptual and practice-informed research contributions are encouraged.

The conference organisers invite abstracts for papers and panel proposals in the following streams:

  1. Social innovation, hybridity and networks (Stream co-chairs: David Littlewood and Jarrod Ormiston)
  2. Social innovation, environmental sustainability and food security (Stream co-chairs: Alex Murdock and Anne de Bruin)
  3. Social enterprise models and comparative perspectives (Stream co-chairs: Marthe Nyssens and Joanne McNeill)
  4. Co-Production and co-creation (Stream co-chairs: Sarah-Anne Munoz and Sophie Yates)
  5. Design Thinking and Social Innovation (Stream co-chairs: Abby Lopes and Cameron Tonkinwise)
  6. Critical perspectives on social innovation (Stream co-chairs: Simon Teasdale and Suzanne Grant)
  7. Public Policy and social innovation (stream co-chairs: Chris Mason and Robyn Keast)
  8. Health, wellbeing and social innovation (Stream co-chairs: Michael Roy and Jane Farmer)
  9. Social innovation: Indigenous perspectives (Stream co-chairs: Ella Henry and Emma Lee)
  10. Social innovation in rural, regional and remote contexts (Stream co-chairs: Artur Steiner and Robyn Eversole)
  11. Social innovation education (Stream co-chairs: Michael Moran and Maggie Buxton)
  12. Diverse economies, solidarity and social innovationStream co-chairs: (Stephen Healy and Nick Henry)
  13. Open stream (Stream chair: Bronwen Dalton)
  14. Social innovation and complexity (Stream co-chairs: Sharon Zivkovic and Christine Woods)

The Conference includes a stream focused on social enterprise models and comparative perspectives that includes contributions related to the ICSEM project. Strem 3 is co-chaired by Scientific Coordinator, Marthe Nyssens, and ICSEM Research Partner, Joanne McNeill.

More information (including the call for papers) is available on the Conference’s website.

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