The EMES documentary supported by COST Action is online!

The EMES documentary supported by COST Action is online!

In the last two years, many activities and initiatives had to be postponed or even cancelled as a result of the pandemic. These have been challenging times for science in general and, of course, for EMES as well. Still, research on the “SE field” (social enterprise, social and solidarity economy and social innovation) went on: we didn’t let ourselves be brought down. This happened thanks to our community, the support, and our projects, such as an Empower-SE COST Action, which ended last month.

The end of the year is also a great time to renovate our energy as we prepare for the new challenges waiting for us. One particular thing to EMES and its community of researchers is its essence focusing on caring human relations, building trust, promoting the community well-being, and contributing to a better world. And this is precisely what this documentary is about.

The events organized by the Empower-SE Action strengthened the EMES scientific community and the research they conducted. The ultimate aim was to provide a comprehensive understanding of social enterprises and empower a new generation of SE researchers across Europe and globally.

One of the Action results was this documentary which serves to recognize the debate generated regarding social enterprises and the wider SE field with particular emphasis on early-stage researchers and scholars in countries with emerging or non-existing research ecosystems.

The documentary shows how EMES´s added value to the scientific debate revolves around bringing the human beings behind the researcher at work.

In the words of the Action Chair, “it is also good for us to remember because sometimes we forget the work we been doing together and how special is the moment when we are discussing and dancing. Some dancing is important, too.”

We enjoyed preparing this beautiful documentary, together with Emek Filogullari, and we’re thrilled to present it now. It is in your hands now to make the best use of it with young researchers, people interested in the field or anyone who may consider joining the field of SE research. We are looking forward to hearing back from you and learning about what you liked the most.

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