EMES at the largest Social Economy event of the year!

EMES at the largest Social Economy event of the year!

EMES will be present in Strasbourg for the largest Social Economy event of the year!

On 5-6 May 2022, Strasbourg will host the conference “Social Economy, the Future of Europe”. One of the objectives of the event is to mobilise 1000 social economy stakeholders from all over Europe and beyond to exchange, build alliances, exchange, and engage in the implementation of the Social Economy Action Plan (SEAP).

The event is organised in the framework of the Présidence Française du Conseil de l’Union européenne (PFUE).

Several international organizations involved in research, including EMES, have co-organized the workshop entitled “Producing Social Economy statistics and research to boost the visibility and understanding of the Social Economy“. One of the founding members of the network and current vice-president, Marthe Nyssens will be one of the speakers of this workshop and she will present the work of EMES at the conference, sharing her views on research and stakeholders participation.

Workshop program (Friday 6th May, 9.15-10.45 a.m. – room Rome)

How are statistics on the social economy produced? By who? What are the purposes of these studies and research?

  • ESS France / ADDES:  Benjamin ROGER
  • CASES Portuguese Scoial Economy Satellite Accounts: Eduardo PEDROSO
  • Polish Social Economy Accounts : intervenant.e.s en cours de confirmation
  • CIRIEC International: Rafael CHAVES
  • Euclid Network: Wieteke DUPAIN
  • EMES: Marthe NYSSENS
  • Eurostat : intervenant.e.s en cours de confirmation
  • Commission européenne : Patrick KLEIN, Chef d’équipe et responsable politique de l’économie sociale-DG Grow
  • Concert’ES :  Adrian JEHIN/Bénédicte SOHET

For more information visit the conference’s website.

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