EMES Affinity Group dedicated to social impact preparing new collaborative projects

EMES Affinity Group dedicated to social impact preparing new collaborative projects

The “SISE” Affinity Group (AG) held its second meeting on 20th December, with the objective of connecting the community of researchers interested in the topic of social impact in the SE field (social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social economy, solidarity economy and social innovation). Participants in the online meeting included long-standing EMES members as well as newcomers to the community. The webinar started with a brief update by the host and co-leader of “SISE”, Marek Ćwiklicki. He presented the idea of a co-edited book on the social impact that was discussed during the first meeting. The group proposed ideas such as the introduction of a common framework for social impact, case comparison, qualitative approach and thematic issues.

The group also discussed future events, projects and possible collaborations, as well as the possibility of presenting a Conference Paper Development Cooperative for the upcoming 9th EMES Conference in Frankfurt. One of the aims of this initiative is to provide accountability and support in developing a conference paper. Some of the benefits for participants in the Conference Paper Development Cooperative are working with other Affinity Group members, receiving feedback and support, and better time management devoted to writing or reaching intermediate milestones. If you are a member and interested to join this initiative, please fill in the form, here.

The work of this Affinity Group is related to the Conference thematic line 4, entitled “Social impact and sustainable development effects” convened by Alex Bignotti (South Africa), Francesca Petrella (France), Susanne Koch (Germany) and Marek Ćwiklicki (Poland), co-leader of the AG “SISE”.

Members of this committed group will soon begin working together on new projects and ideas, so if you are interested in joining and developing future collaborations, please give us a sign at memebers@emes.net. If you wish to learn more about EMES membership, do it here.


Photo credits: Adomas Aleno from Unsplash

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