Digital congress of the French ADDES devoted to the

Digital congress of the French ADDES devoted to the "Perimeters and measuring of the social and solidarity economy"

Our members, Eric Bidet and Nadine Richez-Battesti, co-presidents of ADDES, a French association that aims to strengthen the development of data in the social and solidarity economy (SSE), extend an invite to the EMES community to participate in their upcoming digital congress.

In France, recent years have been shaped both by a broadening of the scope of the SSE with the law of 2014 and by a growing interest in the measurement of SSE both in France and internationally. Counting matters indeed! However, what is being counted and what is the purpose behind it? We have thus witnessed the development of diversified methodologies and reference frameworks which are not always clearly identified, nor questioned by those who use them, and which convey standards that are sometimes implicit. The identification of the perimeters and the consequences on what is measured present important stakes and challenges for the knowledge and recognition of SSE by public and social actors, but also for the construction of strategies of SSE actors and organisations, both at French and European levels.

In a context characterised by important debates around these issues, but often limited to the narrow circle of experts, the objective of the three webinars organised by ADDES is to inform users of the data on these differentiated perimeters, and to bring into the debate the conceptions of SSE and the often implicit forms of legitimation on which they are based, as well as their effects on the measurement of SSE.

As explains our member Nadine Richez-Battesti: “The fact of crossing more or less broad international and national approaches, carried by differentiated actors allows to report heterogeneous conceptions of the field and of the operating modes of what is called SSE in France.” It also permits to identify margins of indeterminacy and interstices likely to be subject to a process of appropriation by some or others and to influence in return the norms and dominant categories of the measure.

The exchanges will be in French with a first session focused on France, a second session incorporating a wider international dimension and, thirdly, an international round table. Founding EMES member, Jacques Defourny, will be presenting the ICSEM project.

For all the information on the program and presenters, visit the ADDES website.

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