Did you miss any of the EMES book presentation series?

Did you miss any of the EMES book presentation series?

As you know, EMES started organising online book series presentations as part of its 20th anniversary. The main aim of these events is to display and provide a window for our diversified research publications within the EMES community spanning a variety of subjects and novelties, theoretical and empirical framings, local and global contexts as well as junior and senior authors. This new series aims to connect SE researchers with ideas, so we have gathered prominent and promising researchers in the field working on a range of topics. The participants get a chance to present their work in a webinar format and then engage in lively discussions with the audience during the session. These free events offer all EMES members a chance to present and promote their new book. So, let the conversation begin!

During December 2022 and January 2023, we successfully held two book presentations of the ICSEM/EmpowerSE books which are available on Open Access at Routledge: Social Enterprise in Latin America and Social Enterprise in Asia.

These two ICSEM books were presented in two separate sessions that included  participants and an invited guest commenter with the aim to stimulate a discussion on an overview of SE in the region, illustrated with some national cases. Also, it served to show SE cases in a specific field and give insights into comparative analyses and perspectives.

All four ICSEM books are based on the “International Comparative Social Enterprise Models” (ICSEM) Project, which involved more than 200 researchers from 55 countries from 2013 to 2020. In the last two decades, the quest for a widely accepted definition of social enterprise has been a central issue in a great number of publications. The main objective of the ICSEM Project was to show that the social enterprise field would benefit much more from linking conceptualisation efforts to the huge diversity of social enterprises than from an additional and ambitious attempt at providing an encompassing definition. The four volumes in the series can be read or downloaded for free on the Routledge website and they constitute a key reference and resource for teachers, researchers, students, experts, policymakers, journalists and others who want to acquire a broad understanding of the phenomena of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship as they emerge and develop across the world.

With a view to gathering prominent and promising researchers in the field working on a wide range of topics, we will continue with the 20th-anniversary book series presentation monthly sessions. All the sessions will be available on the EMES YouTube channel, so you can use them for your own research and teaching purposes.

Find out and register for the next session, here.

Photo credit:  Tom Hermans on Unsplash

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