Dedicated panel on SE at public management and public policy implementation conference

Dedicated panel on SE at public management and public policy implementation conference

The 2018 IRSPM – International Research Society for Public Management Conference will include a specific panel on social enterprise for the first time. One of our members, Yida Zhu from the University of Edinburgh will be one of the co-chairs of this panel entitled “The third sector, social enterprises and community initiatives.”

We asked Yida what moved her to accept co-chairing this panel and she said that

as a SE researcher, I think it’s an honour and my responsibility to promote SE studies. So when the panel chair suggested proposing a SE panel, I felt excited for there would be a new platform for SE researchers, especially young scholars to present their works.

The IRSPM aims to develop and support research about public management and public policy implementation amongst the international research community and to facilitate the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and understanding across this community. Taco Brandsen, an EMES board member, has been very involved in IRSPM since the beginning trying to make the connection with the research fields of EMES.



The fact that interdisciplinary work on social enterprise, the third sector and public (service) management is welcome in this 8th conference specifically through this panel constitutes excellent news. The panel aims to provide a platform to link SE scholars and public management scholars, as well as to draw more attention to interdisciplinary researches in the SE field. In addition to a dedicated SE panel, the IRSPM Conference will provide collaborative opportunities between SE researchers and researchers in public management who may inspire sparks in cross-disciplinary studies.

According to Edwina, creating this connection could help advance the SE research agenda because

In practice, SEs have been increasingly involved in governments’ policy agenda for public service delivery, economic empowerment, democracy enhancement and so forth. This connection will extend the application of SE literature for public management studies. Likewise, the SE literature will be enriched by drawing public management subjects.”

Interested in participating? The call for abstracts is available here (deadline is October 20th) and you can contact Yida Zhu in case you have any questions on the panel.

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