Online Conference:

Online Conference: "Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges"

On behalf of our institutional member, the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (CES), Portugal, we would like to share that the Conference “Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges” will be held online from 5-9 of September 2022.

You may find the program here.

The conference invites participants to, collectively, build from the stimulus of the invited talks and discussions aiming to address key challenges for building more positive futures for all, targeting the following themes:

1) Being and Thinking Together (in) Complexity
2) Knowing Together: Grasping the Complexity of the World
3) Living Together: Peace and Communities of Well-Being
4) Learning and Teaching Together
5) Changing and Acting Together

It is based on a logic of deep interdisciplinarity, oriented towards promoting productive, collaborative, critical and creative dialogues between different disciplines and modes of thinking, between theory and research and the practices that “in the real world” enact and realise, critique or present alternative or complementary proposals to addressing critical global challenges.

In the manner of fostering dialogues between academia and practice, it welcomes all EMES members who believe in the role of creativity and collective thinking in researching and addressing global challenges. It welcomes researchers, PhD students, practitioners, policy-makers, and activists to join. Also, there will be opportunities for social interactions and getting-to-know-each-other moments, potentiating future collaborations and exchanges.

This Conference is a part of the Building Foundations for Complex Thinking project.

All participants can register here for the full conference or select particular days.

Abstracts can be sent by email to:


Photo credits: Unisplash @Jens Lelie

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