Resilient Urban Communities Conference & Seminar – Strathmore University

Resilient Urban Communities Conference & Seminar – Strathmore University

We have the pleasure of enclosing a call for a Resilient Urban Communities PhD and Early Career Researchers’ seminar in conjunction with a one-day conference in early December 2022 in Nairobi/Kenya.

Our member, Nicole Göler von Ravensburg, is part of the research consortium and responsible for all research aspects linked to social enterprises. She would like to encourage EMES members and especially PhD students and early-career researchers interested in Africa, urban community development, local economy, or public services to the most deprived to consider taking part.

Resilient Urban Communities (RUC) is a collaborative African-German research project that addresses select Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 4 on Quality Education and SDG 11, which focuses on Sustainable Cities and Communities. As the complexities of urban life in Africa grow, social enterprises, communities, and local leaders are at the forefront of finding sustainable solutions to poverty and inadequate housing, hunger and health, clean water, energy, environmental degradation and climate change, infrastructure, transport, education, migration, violence and gender equality. These and other challenges are tackled by activists, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises partnering with governments and the private sector to ensure inclusive, equitable, and sustainable communities.

The project is to explore supportive and hindering ecosystem factors and enterprise characteristics typical in marginalized urban neighbourhoods. The lessons learned will be summarized in a handbook meant to guide city officials, promoting agencies, and SE leaders. Apart from contributing to SDG 4 and SDG 11, it will also broaden the interest in and approaches to the research and dissemination of knowledge in areas encompassing good governance in SE, NPO and local government, specifically in regard to how urban supply systems and infrastructure can be improved to better the livelihoods of communities living in African megacities.

Please kindly forward this call to anyone or any organization you think might benefit from it.

 Important Deadlines:

• Call for Papers: 2nd May 2022
• Submission of Abstracts Deadline: 3rd August 2022
• Acceptance of the Abstracts Deadline: 3rd September 2022
• Acceptance of Presentation Videos Deadline: 3rd October 2022
• RUC Conference and Seminars: 6th to 8th December 2022

Inquires & Submissions:

Find out more information, here.


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