ANSES teaching Webinar on open-access ‘Social Entrepreneurship Teaching Pack’

ANSES teaching Webinar on open-access ‘Social Entrepreneurship Teaching Pack’

The Webinar took place on May 11, and in attendance were Masters and PhD students, faculty, facilitators, lecturers, teaching designers and industry experts. The webinar’s main organisers and speakers were Kerryn Krige and Alex Bignotti from #anses, and Elizabeth Jahncke from Hubble Studios. The webinar was aimed at providing insights into lesson plans for teaching social entrepreneurship developed in 2021 by the African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars (ANSES) and Hubble Studios.

The Social Entrepreneurship teaching “pack” includes a best practice guide, lesson plans, and a PowerPoint template which can be used by social entrepreneurship educators. Following the panellists’ presentations on the social entrepreneurship teaching pack, there was an interactive session on online teaching best practices, especially focused on the teaching of social entrepreneurship topics. At the end of the session, ANSES announced the publication of Teaching Cases on Social Entrepreneurship in Africa with Emerald Emerging Markers Case Studies, as well as a forthcoming call for teaching materials to be published on the ANSES website as an open-access repository of teaching resources alongside the teaching pack.

This session was a collaboration together with EMES International Research Network.

You can watch the event’s video here.

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