ANSES rewards best case studies on social entrepreneurship in Africa

ANSES rewards best case studies on social entrepreneurship in Africa

Since its inception, our partner, the African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars (ANSES), has been developing educational resources tailored to the social entrepreneurship reality in Africa and has joined forces with Emerald Publishing and launched an “Emerging Markets Case Studies special collection”. This collection of case studies is dedicated to social entrepreneurship in Africa. You can access 11 interesting case studies here.

The team of expert reviewers chose the three best cases from the 11 cases that were published. The best three cases are:

  1.  VillageReach: innovating for improved health care at the “Last Mile” by Cynthia Schweer Rayner, Camilla Thorogood, Francois Bonnici.
  2. Quali Health: creating access to quality healthcare for South Africa’s excluded majority, by Adrian David Saville, Philip Powell, Tashmia Ismail-Saville, Morris Mthombeni.
  3.  HealthKeepers Network: financial sustainability in emerging market sociopreneurship by Mathew Tsamenyi, Nana Yaa A. Gyamfi.

ANSES offered some rewards to some of the authors who submitted their case studies in this special issue; one of them was an annual EMES membership. Congratulations to the winners, and welcome to those new EMES members. Soon we will introduce them to our research community!



ANSES was founded to create a network where SE scholars operating in Africa can be linked to each other and be exposed to international conversations in the field, as well as to training and funding opportunities. The network facilitates the building of a stronger and more connected SE community in Africa while creating higher-impact and better-orchestrated research endeavours. 





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