A new institutional member joins EMES: welcome to Institutions for Collective Action!

A new institutional member joins EMES: welcome to Institutions for Collective Action!

We are particularly happy to announce that Institutions for Collective Action, based at the Rotterdam School of Management (ICA-RSM), has just joined EMES as an institutional member. ICA-RSM thereby becomes the Network’s 15th institutional member. Discover its webpage on the EMES website!

ICA’s highly interdisciplinary research team includes management scientists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and representatives from other complementary disciplines; together, they build theories about sustainable institutions for collective action. They study a myriad of topics, from the evolution of commons over the past millennium to the formation of platform co-operatives and modern initiatives of citizens involved in short-chain food supply. Team members aim to involve citizen collectives in their research (“citizen science”) and to return what they learn to society through a knowledge platform encouraging and facilitating the interchange of expertise among collectives of various backgrounds.

From December 8 to December 10, 2021, ICA-RSM organises a specialised workshop entitled “Methods and data for longitudinal analysis of Institutions for Collective Action”, which will take place in The Hague (Netherlands). A call for papers has been issued; the deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2021.

Though the application deadline is very close (August 15, 2021), we also take advantage of this post to share the call for research interns issued by ICA for a four-month internship in the fall of 2021. The call is addressed to master students in humanities and social sciences with a keen interest in organisations that are set up and managed by groups of citizens, such as cooperatives.

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