Working on the 8EMESconf with a new team member

Working on the 8EMESconf with a new team member

We will soon publish the 8th EMES Conference 2021 Report, which reflects the enormous successes of our international event. We are happy to share it with our members and partners of the EMES community. We have joined 370 participants from 52 countries! In Teruel, we had the opportunity to meet 165 face to face speakers, including researchers, policymakers, social entrepreneurs and PhDs.

The launch of this year Report is accompanied by a brief description of events and contents, so you will be able to download it on our website. Also, this year we have worked hard to make the hybrid format of the conference, and due to that, we will incorporate links so you can watch some of our best moments.

Nevertheless, the 2020-2021 Annual Report will be published in the following weeks containing information about EMES activities alongside the news.

2021 was an exceptional year for EMES International Research Network. Internally, our President Marthe Nyssens announced that she would step down, but she will remain as vice-president. Taco Brandsen will be the President of EMES until the end of this term in 2023. Moreover, Tamara Bilbija has joined the Coordination Unit to support with project, administration and communication tasks. Externally, EMES is closing a successful partnership with the Empower-SE COST Action.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Also, we promise to keep working hard to maintain our EMES community on a high level of mutual understanding, trust, and a common perspective of working together.

We look forward to sharing the Report soon!

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