RILESS. Red de Investigadores Latinoamericanos de Economía Social y Solidaria (RILESS)

RILESS (“Network of Latin American Researchers on Social and Solidarity Economy” in English) was created and operates under the assumption that another world is possible and that building it requires the development of an alternative economy.

This network is a joint project of the Masters Programme on Social Economy (MAES/ICO-UNGS de Argentina), the Research Group on Solidarity Economy of UNESCO/UNISINOS Chair in Brazil, the Colegio Mexiquense in Mexico and FLACSO-Ecuador. RILESS is also supported by URBARED (ICO-UNGS/IISUNAM México).

Its Organization Committee is co-ordinated by José Luis Coraggio (UNGS-Argentina) and formed in addition by Luiz Inacio Germany Gaiger (UNISINOS-Brasil), Hugo Jácome (FLACSO-Ecuador), Alfonso Iracheta (Colegio Mexiquense) and Jean-Louis Laville (EMES-Europa). The Consulting Committee is composed of Aníbal Quijano (Peru), Luis Razeto (Chile) and Paul Singer (Brasil).

The team responsible of the web site is formed of Gonzalo Vázquez (administrator) and Carolina Barnes (assistant), both affiliated to the UNGS (Argentina). The Asociación Civil Nodo Tau (Rosario, Argentina) contributed to the design and programming of the website. Other collaborators across the various sections include: Claudia Álvarez, Julieta Pampin, Guillermo Bertoni, Daniel Maidana and José Pablo Sabatino (Training), Adela Plasencia (Experiences), Gabriela Domecq (Concepts) and Esteban Sanchez (Library), all of them from Argentina.

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