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Transdisciplinary Forum (TDF) aims to facilitate dialogue and exchange between the academic community, SE practitioners, and policymakers. This will be the sixth edition of the Forum, following on from Liege in 2013, Helsinki in 2015, Louvain in 2017, Sheffield in 2019 and Teruel in 2021.

2023 TDF will take place on the first day of the 9th EMES International Research Conference (11 September) and will host several different sessions covering various topics (such as renewable energy cooperatives, regional social innovation development, social finance, work integration social enterprises, secondary cooperatives, knowledge transfer from Universities to support SE, migration issues, classical and contemporary SE movements, etc.) These sessions aim to bring together German social enterprises and cooperatives, EU federations, policymakers and researchers to learn new trends in Germany and internationally, compare progress in different regions, countries and sectors, and identify research needs while giving the unique possibility for networking.

The Transdisciplinary Forum’s registration price is €100 for contributing participants and €150 for other participants.

For questions about TDF, please contact: emes-konferenz@fb4.fra-uas.de 

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