9EMESconf - Keynote speakers

The 9th edition of the EMES International Research Conference is about inspiring, re-envisioning our work and sharing stories from scholars, practitioners and policymakers worldwide involved in the ‘SE field’ ( social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social economy, solidarity economy and social innovation). Below we announce the first confirmed #9EMESconf keynote speakers.

Join us in Frankfurt to continue to inspire each other!

Maja Göpel

Maja Göpel is a German political economist, transformation researcher, and sustainability scientist focusing on transdisciplinary work. As a speaker and author, she has increasingly specialised in science communication since 2019, when she co-founded the Scientists for Future initiative. Göpel is an honorary professor at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

Sustainable futures are created through collaborative learning processes, binding rules and trusting cooperation. Approaching this with reverence for life, clarity of thought and a focus on self-efficacy is the goal of my work in theory and practice.
Especially in times of transformation like today, an eye for the essentials and courageous humanity help. We all have that within us.”

Zarah Bruhn

Zarah Bruhn is the founder & CEO of socialbee, commissioner for social innovation, and European thought leader for diversity, female & social entrepreneurship and new leadership. As commissioner for social innovation, she is supporting the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in promoting the creation of space and networks for social innovation and its implementation.

Conferences like the EMES are the ideal platform for professional development and, more importantly, for networking with other scientists and practitioners. Where do we get our ideas? We sometimes need a nudge when we need a light to shine – for our own company as well as in politics when dealing with current major challenges.

 As Commissioner for Social Innovation, I have already been able to meet different European representatives and the good impulses from other countries are a great enrichment for my work, for Germany. Social innovations need to be firmly placed on the international agenda.”

Mario Diani

Mario Diani has been president of Euricse since June 2022. A recent Stanford University study listed him among the 200 most influential sociologists in international literature over the past 30 years. He is a full professor of Sociology at the University of Trento since 2001. The results of his studies on collective action have appeared in leading publications and journals, including those by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, American Sociological Review and American Journal of Sociology. 

 One important task of research conferences like EMES is to create the conditions for the forging of broader alliances between those who value the primacy of people over capital and acknowledge the need to urgently change the predominant production and consumption models. These include different actors of the social economy but also researchers across different fields.”

Sven Giegold

Sven Giegold is a German politician of the Alliance 90/The Greens. He has been serving as State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action since 2021. He was a member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2021.

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