8EMESconf - Thematic lines

  1. Presentation and important dates
  2. Conference rationale
  3. Thematic lines
  4. Conference committees
  5. Conference organisers
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The conference will have a hybrid format, so face-to-face and digital participation is foreseen. As organizers, we will continue to closely monitor the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and keep all registered participants informed.

To encourage academic debate across fields and disciplines, the conference will be structured along 11 main thematic lines to build up an international corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge, pluralistic in disciplines and methodologies, around “SE” concepts and their praxis. We would particularly encourage authors to submit proposals that address current global challenges and contexts including (but not limited to) the Covid19 pandemic, unemployment, social and racial justice, new patterns of inequality across all thematic lines.

The themes are

  • Line 1. Theoretical foundations of social enterprise, cooperative and voluntary action principles and values: Complimentarities, contradictions and their implications
  • Line 2. Sustaining and scaling social, cooperative and voluntary action: Balancing and funding SE principles over time
  • Line 3. Values-driven social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Line 4. Multi-Level governance, enabling ecosystems for SE and sustainable development
  • Line 5. SE meets the commons: social technologies, collaborative economy and open data
  • Line 6. Innovative fields in the SE action: social and health services, sports, etc.
  • Line 7. Unleashing the critical and transformative potential of culture and the arts through SE, cooperative and voluntary action
  • Line 8. Empowering migrants and harnessing the potential of migration via SEs and voluntary action
  • Line 9. SE, popular, and solidarity economies of the Global North and South: transformative movements, radical values and forms of democracy in action
  • Line 10. SE research and action under Polanyian principles
  • Line 11. Advancements on epistemological, methodological and pedagogic aspects of SE

Each thematic line is coordinated by three conveners who are renown international scholars experts in the field. Download the Call for Papers for a detailed list of conveners.

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