The Emergence of Social Enterprise

The Emergence of Social Enterprise

Hardback ISBN 9780415253017
Paperback ISBN 9780415339216
eBook ISBN 9780203164679
Routledge, London.

By comparing the different national experiences of each country, the book traces the most significant developments in social entrepreneurship emerging in Europe. The work also examines the more traditional non-profit or third sector organizations.

The final chapters present an initial attempt to outline a theory of social enterprise. The research confirms that organizations which have simultaneously an entrepreneurial dynamic and a social aim are expanding in many countries. The contributors suggest that these enterprises not only enhance social services in welfare states, but also supply an additional and often innovative provision, mixing public and private resources, and voluntary and paid workers. For these reasons, social enterprises deserve serious attention from policy makers, practitioners and academics interested in a more pluralistic economy and a new Welfare Society.

Published also in Korean (Sigma Press, Seoul, 2009), Japanese (Hyoronsha Publishers, Tokyo, 2004) and Italian (Edizioni31, Trento, 2001).

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