Free Online Course on the Commercialization of Social Enterprises

Free Online Course on the Commercialization of Social Enterprises

EMES members Marthe Nyssens and Jacques Defourny will be academic guest speakers in this MOOC on the commercialization (marketization) of social enterprises. The course is led by Marek Hudon, a members of the ICSEM project and partner of the Belgian SOCENT project.

Brief course description:

Surrounding the social enterprise sector today are questions related to whether these organizations should accept more commercial sources of funding, adopt new revenue strategies or turn to commercial structure to help the organization reach sufficient scale. These are the debates around the commercialization of social enterprise.

Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly developing field of business in which entrepreneurs aim to address a social mission through commercial activities. The use of business methods to solve social and environmental problems previously neglected by the market is increasingly called upon to supplement the traditional approach of donor-driven models by the non-profit sector. However, both academic and practitioners alike increasingly acknowledge that the landscape of social enterprise has been fundamentally changed due to the onset of commercialization or marketization.

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Practical information:

The free 5 week course includes a total of 12-15 hours of content from a wide range of leading academic and practitioners in social enterprise and microfinance. The course starts on February 27th, 2017. Register today by clicking on the following link:

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