JEOD launches a Call for Papers on Social Innovation in Social Enterprises

JEOD launches a Call for Papers on Social Innovation in Social Enterprises

Last 6th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise generated many high quality research papers reflecting current trends and new perspectives related to field of social enterprises.

EMES initiative with five distinguished academic journals

Publishing a research paper in a journal is an important activity within the academic community. However, a submission process has become very competitive and challenging, especially for the young authors and early-stage researchers. In order to facilitate this process, EMES has teamed up with five highly recognised international journals which had offered a possibility to publish the selected papers presented in the 6th EMES conference, if they are consider them relevant and interesting for publishing.

One of the partners of this initiative is the Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD), which is an international journal publishing original theoretical and empirical research from the fields of economics and business studies. JEOD places strong emphasis on the determinants and the effects of entrepreneurial diversity as well as on comparisons between different types of enterprise and their aims. These different types of enterprise include SMEs, social enterprises, cooperatives, nonprofits and other forms. As emphasised by JEOD, one of the key topics related to the role of entrepreneurial diversity and its influence on the functioning of multiple economic and social fields are, among others, the areas of social capital and social innovation.

According to Simone Poledrini, Assistant professor of Department of Economics, University of Perugia, and one of the guest editors of JEOD: “The topics of social innovation and social enterprises have attracted considerable attention from scholars in various disciplines; however, although much is known about the two separated topics, social innovation and social enterprises, the main changes undergone by social enterprises due to social innovation are still understudied.”

New Call for papers by JEOD

To address this challenge, the journal has recently launched a Call for papers for a special issue entitled “Social innovation in Social enterprises: What is going on?” The aim of this call is to welcome articles dealing with the subject of the effects of social innovation on different aspects of the social enterprise organisation. As explained by Simone Poledrini “We are particularly interested in articles that enquire under what conditions are new services or goods, new methods of production (like organizational models or models of accountability), new sources of financing, new collaboration between corporations and social enterprises or new models of governance, implemented. For this forthcoming special issue of JEOD we invite theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions, which draw on different research streams and disciplines. Methodologically, we welcome qualitative, quantitative, multi-method and mixed-methods research approaches dealing with social innovation in social enterprises.”

Click here to view the Call. Deadline for submissions of a full paper is 13 November 2017 and the publication of the special issue is intended for July 2018.

It is exciting to see this opportunity will be granted to both experienced and young researchers in the field of social enterprises. EMES also takes it as an encouragement to develop mutually beneficial collaboration with the publishing journals for the future EMES international research events.

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