Green conference for sustainable societies 6EMESconf

Green conference for sustainable societies 6EMESconf

At EMES we want to put into practice our commitment to the environment. For that we are taking the conscious effort to reduce environmental costs during the conference. This is the first time in the history of conferences organized by EMES that we have taken such a decision to incorporate several greening initiatives in our event from the outset. Together we are making it a green conference.

Conference on “Social enterprise for sustainable societies”

We will reduce our own plastic waste during the conference.

We are going to do without our beautiful and (still) recycled bags. Instead, we will be using recycled cardboard folders to provide all the printed information. We will also avoid using plastic water bottles and will use crystal bottles instead. The name-tags will be plastic free as well.

We will minimize our paper consumption.

We are taking a strategy to minimize paper use through preferring online and electronic communication, utilizing double-side printing for all meeting related materials, and encouraging speakers to use electronic means of presentation. Instead of having the program of the conference in the form of a beautiful colored A4 booklet as before, we will reduce the information in the printed program and concentrate the provision of information online.

We will combine our waste prevention initiatives with recycling and reutilization.

Besides using recycled printing paper, we will consciously choose decoration and display material that can be reused and recycled. Moreover, participants will be able to reuse the printed program… they will see when they register! During the conference we will provide clearly labeled recycling bins to collect paper, glass and plastic and aluminum cans. Moreover, nametags will be recyclable as well.

Green Conference 6EMESconf

We have decided to engage with providers who regard the principles of responsible value chain and fair trade.

  • Buffet dinner: In the case of the welcome buffet dinner, we will work with the work integration social enterprise La Ferme de Froidmont (Belgium). It is registered as a non-profit organization with organic certification, and is a laureate for the 2016 Prize for the Future generations. As a pioneer of integral ecology with the focus on humans and nature, La Ferme de Froidmont trains and ensures the socio-professional integration of 30 adults in its restaurants and urban gardens, while also offering nine crisis housing units. This collaboration will not only ensure availability of organic, locally produced food at the conference but will also promote positive social and economic development.
  • Beverages: In the conference building you will notice several vending machines of a Belgian company Cofeo, and its partner Caféquitable, providing a large choice of freshly ground coffee, teas, hot chocolates and soft drinks. Besides being of a good quality, beverages offered are organic and labeled as fair-trade products. Caféquitable works in partnership with Oxfam Fairtrade who buys their products directly from small and medium-sized producers in developing countries, paying honest commercial prices.
  • Music: The conference will also host the music band, Chicos y Méndez, offering us a delightful opportunity of listening and dancing to live and captivating Latin American music. Introducing itself as an #Alterlatino, the group’s desire is to bring reinvented music in an alternative way, while keeping it connected to its roots without distorting it. Expect the festive, spontaneous and engaged music performance of the group with written texts in Spanish and French, reflecting the dual nationality of its signer of Peruvian origin David Méndez Yépez.

Join us & let’s make it a green conference

We wish to encourage the conference participants to join our efforts. Gathering hundreds of individuals attending this conference can provide us with a unique opportunity for setting examples, sharing knowledge and inspiring others to think and act more “sustainably” in their daily lives. Major emissions sources include air and local road transportation, energy consumed by the event venue, and energy used through stays at hotels or hostels. Please try to make conscious environmentally friendly decisions through reducing and neutralizing the carbon emissions when travelling, using public transport where possible, minimizing paper use and having in mind the energy consumption in the conference and accommodation premises. Feel free to share with us via email, social media and in person any small gesture that you did during the conference in order to contribute to the environmental sustainability. Make sure to use the hashtag #6EMESconf when doing so!

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