EMES 2016 Annual Report Published

EMES 2016 Annual Report Published

We are delighted to announce the publication of EMES 2016 Annual Report, which reflects past year’s successes with members and partners of the EMES community of researchers, including PhDs.

The launch of this Report is accompanied by a revamping of our “Who are we” section: we’ll be writing about this new section shortly but for now, feel free to browse or download our 2016 Annual Report.

2016 represented an exceptional year for EMES International Research Network. Internally, it was the first year when new President of the Board was elected, together with the Board of Directors engaging several new members. Externally, EMES consolidated its position as a leading global research network in the area of social and solidarity economy and social enterprises, through strengthening existing research alliances across the world, and through successful engagement in three flagship initiatives – Comparative Social Enterprise Project (ICSEM), Third Sector Impact (TSI), and the update of the SE Mapping Study in Europe.

Major achievements in 2016

By illustrating our major accomplishments in 2016, the Annual Report brings to the fore the vital work that EMES plays to foster consolidation of a research field and its impact on policy-making at the EU level and globally. In this sense, we consider the work of each of our members as a unique resource which enables us to achieve this task.

Regarding events, two major appointments took place in 2016. Firstly, the 2nd International Seminar EMES-Polanyi – “Societies in transition. Social and solidarity economy, the commons, public action and livelihood” was held in Paris in May 2016.


Secondly, the 5th EMES PhD Summer School took place in Glasgow in June 2016, and gathered 41 students and 12 faculty members from over 40 countries.

It is also worth mentioning two additional research initiatives which made its mark in 2016. The Social Innovation Europe project implemented jointly with several partners resulted in the report on how to advance social innovation research agenda in Europe; and Social Enterprise Mapping Project where EMES was commissioned by the European Commission DG Employment to conduct an update of the 7 national reports of the EU countries.

Beyond the horizon of 2016

In addition, whilst highlighting all the EMES achievements made in 2016, the Annual Report also sets the scene for the year ahead. EMES will continue to work to facilitate the efforts of its members and create opportunities to enrich their experiences. This task represents a huge effort for an organization with such a reduced structure so the collaboration and generosity of members and partners is crucial to ensure it.

The year of 2017 will constitute a unique occasion to once more gather EMES’ members, partners and friends in Louvain-la-Neuve, in July 2017 for the 6th International Research Conference. Likewise, we have already begun planning the next PhD International Summer School, which will take place in Aix-en-Provence/Marseille in June 2018.


To learn more about EMES’ last years efforts and its plans ahead, read the online version of our 2016 Annual Report. Your feedback and comments are always welcome: please make sure you share them with us at info@emes.net

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