Distinguished Journals at 6EMESconf

Distinguished Journals at 6EMESconf

We expect the conference to generate a wealth of interesting papers and insights, and we look forward to offering a potential space for such reflections in the pages of the journal.

This year’s conference brings together scholars from all over the world to examine the role of social enterprises in building and maintaining societies that are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. Each country has a somewhat different approach to social enterprise, consistent with its own culture, governance system and social issues.  But social enterprises everywhere are part of the same grand “social enterprise zoo” and this conference provides us with the opportunity to learn much from one another’s similarities and differences.

Professor Dennis Young, Editor-in-Chief of the Non Profit Policy Forum

In our previous story we have informed about a unique opportunity for authors who present completed conference papers at the 6th EMES international research conference. EMES has teamed with five prominent publishers in the fields related to social enterprise which might consider publishing articles of these authors. In case the journal editors deem any paper relevant and interesting for publishing, the authors will be contacted directly and presented with an option of being fast-tracked for selection in the publications included below. In some cases, journal editor-in-chiefs are considering the possibility of publishing special issues as well

Spotlight on five academic journals

There are five publishers that have committed to offer the publishing possibility for the authors of the conference papers:

These publishing partners are widely acknowledged academic journals in the area of social enterprise. We were however also interested about their intrinsic motivation to support the conference. Some of them shared their insights on how this event contributes to develop the field of social enterprise.

Simone Poledrinirepresenting the JEODexplains the reasons why they decided to join:

Simone PoledriniJEOD aims at playing a role in promoting new debates and analysis of different organizational types and enterprises, their goals, and socio-economic impacts. JEOD is distinguished by an interdisciplinary approach and is particularly interested in contributions about social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation. EMES is a leading conference at international level on the theme, so through this initiative, JEOD wants to support the best paper of the conference in the field.

Professor Dennis Young—Editor-in-Chief of the NPFreveals key incentives of the NPF to be involved:

Professor Dennis YoungNPF is a scholarly journal with broad international participation, focusing on the intersections between public policy and the social economy. This year’s conference on “social enterprise for sustainable societies” will feature many research papers that will help us understand the impacts of public policies on the capacities for social enterprises to address important societal problems and issues such as economic and social distress, and environmental degradation. We look forward to considering these papers for publication in NPF.

Dr. Rob Macmillan, editor of the Voluntary Sector Review briefly shared their motivations and expectations from the conference:

Voluntary Sector ReviewWe are delighted to support the 6th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise. As an explicitly interdisciplinary and international journal we are keen to engage with researchers working across the whole breadth of issues in our field, including social enterprise, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. And this is why EMES is such an important network, and its regular programme of conferences and seminars rightly regarded as at the forefront of theoretical and empirical debate on social enterprise.

Finally, Bob Doherty, editor of the SEJ highlights:

Bob Doherty, editor of SEJ (Social Enterpriser Journal)EMES is the pre-eminent global conference on social enterprise/social entrepreneurship and the Social Enterprise Journal has always supported the EMES conference. Some of our best papers have also come from the EMES conference. EMES attracts scholars from all over the world and is very interdisciplinary which fits the profile of the Social Enterprise Journal perfectly.

We were also happy to hear about the fruits already generated by the EMES conference:

EMES has always been the leading conference in the field and has always brought new international perspectives to advance the field from a range of academic disciplines. Already the conference has led to some fantastic special issues of SEJ including the special issue of Social Enterprise in Eastern Asia co-edited by Jacques DefournyYu-Yuan Kuan.

Facilitating publishing process

Given the ever increasing number of papers submitted for publication, writing for academic journals has become highly competitive. The authors, especially postgraduate students or emerging researchers might therefore find the submission process quite challenging. Based on the motivations and genuine interest of our publishing partners, we believe that this initiative will improve chances of the authors to have their manuscripts accepted for publishing.

We expect the conference to generate a wealth of interesting papers and insights, and we look forward to offering a potential space for such reflections in the pages of the journal.

Dr. Rob Macmillan, editor of the Voluntary Sector Review

Especially in case of young scholars, publishing their article in these five well-known academic journals will boost their research profile and career progression.


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