Associazione Italiana per la promozione della Cultura della Cooperazione e del Non Profit (AICCON)

Associazione Italiana per la promozione della Cultura della Cooperazione e del Non Profit (AICCON)

AICCON – Italian Association for the Promotion of the Culture of Co-operation and of Nonprofit Organisations is an association formed in 1997 among University of Bologna, School of Economics, Management and Statistics, Forlì Campus, within the academic course on Social Economy.

The aim of the Association is to encourage, support, and organize initiatives to promote the culture of solidarity with particular attention to idealities, perspectives, activities, and problems connected to Nonprofit Organizations and Co-operative Enterprises.

AICCON collaborates with public and private entities and organisations at the local, regional, national and international levels on economic, legal, socio-cultural and scientific themes.

In particular, main areas of activity are:


  • Promotion, coordination, and carrying out of research studies concerning Co-operative Enterprises and Non-profit Organisations;
  • Promotion, editing, and financing of books, studies, and research reports publication through its own publishing series (The Working Paper Collection on Civil Economy) and other ones;
  • Organisation of research seminars and conferences for spreading research outcomes (for example Social Economy Workshops and The Young Economists’ Workshop On Social Economy);
  • Starting and implementing process of community and social planning.

Setting in the scope between academic knowledge production and its real transformation in social innovation and economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental value, AICCON Research Area deals with topics debated both nationally and internationally: Social Economy; Co-operation; Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation; Social Enterprise; Third sector and Co-operative Enterprise Law; Third sector and Civil Society; Welfare e Social Politics; Accountability; Public-Private Partnership.


AICCON Alta Formazione aims to spread Social Economy, Co-operation and Non-profit culture through training courses, organising discussions, seminars, conferences, and educational activities aimed at supporting the training programme offered within the academic course on “Social Economy” promoted by the School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus.

  • The Fund Raising School is the first Italian school for professional fund raisers with the aim to foster raising and to define it as a multidimensional and strategic issue;
  • Academic specialization course in Economics of Co-operation (MUEC) supported by the School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna and the Italian Co-operatives Alliance (ACI);
  • European Summer School in Social Economy (ESSE) for worldwide post-graduate students, PhDs and researchers interested on social economy themes;
  • High level courses.


AICCON fosters and develops a proactive thinking able to innovate the social economy issues through its scientific production and its main event “Le Giornate di Bertinoro per l’Economia Civile”. Launched in 2001, the annual event is an opportunity to deepen the dialogue on the role and activities of social economy organisations, as well as the way to discuss of different point of view of social economy organisations.

Moreover, during “Le Giornate di Bertinoro per l’Economia Civile” the discussion aims to identify the future challenges for Social Economy at national level.

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